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水上飛機(香港)航空與東和旅遊簽署合作諒解備忘錄Seaplane Hong Kong and Towa Tours signed a memorandum of understanding

水上飛機(香港)航空4月7日宣布,正式與香港M.I.C.E. (企業‧會議及獎勵‧特別訂制旅遊)領先的旅行社東和旅遊簽署合作諒解備忘錄。該合作協議由雙方高層在香港簽署,標誌著水上飛機(香港)航空與東和旅遊戰略合作正式開啟,將為水上飛機(香港)航空進一步擴展其M.I.C.E.業務提供助力。雙方的合作將首先圍繞聯合營銷推廣等市場舉措展開,旨在藉助東和旅遊的平台為水上飛機(香港)航空本地銷售業績增磚加瓦。根據雙方簽署的合作協議,水上飛機(香港)航空將重點依托東和旅遊廣泛且雄厚的MICE網絡,深入發掘市場潛力,以及面向東和旅遊用戶推出量身定制的票價及產品以進一步擴大用戶覆蓋和市場滲透。作為戰略合作的下一步,雙方將圍繞M.I.C.E.展開,制定更加貼合企業需求的獨家優惠舉措。


對於這項諒解備忘錄的簽署,水上飛機(香港)航空行政總裁STEVEN CHEUNG表示:“身為一間以港為家的香港地區性航空公司,香港市場對水上飛機(香港)航空來講十分重要。我們很高興與東和旅遊建立合作夥伴關係以助力實現我們的本地發展戰略。這是一個激動人心的時刻,我們將掀開全球航空業歷史發展的新篇章。基於過去所取得的成功,我們將繼往開來,推進紮實的發展戰略並進一步提升銷售業績。在踏上全新增長快行道之際,與東和旅遊的合作意味著我們找到了正確的戰略合作夥伴以攜手達成我們的業務目標。

東和旅遊董事兼總經理徐王美倫女士補充道,很高興能夠與水上飛機(香港)航空建立合作夥伴關係。“M.I.C.E.市場潛力巨大,東和旅遊不斷提升服務以給予用戶更優質的出行體驗。此次與水上飛機(香港)航空展開合作將令東和旅遊客戶,得益於水上飛機(香港)航空廣闊的大灣區網絡,水上飛機(香港) 無人機以及水上飛機上業內領先的服務和設施,擁有出類拔萃的飛行體驗。”


Seaplane Hong Kong announced on April 7 that it has officially signed a memorandum of understanding with Towa Tours, a leading travel agency in Hong Kong M.I.C.E. (Corporate ‧ Conference and Incentive ‧ Special Custom Travel). The cooperation agreement was signed in Hong Kong by management of both company, marking the official start of the strategic cooperation between Seaplane Hong Kong Airlines and Towa Tours, and will provide assistance for Seaplane Hong Kong to further expand its M.I.C.E. business.

The cooperation between the two parties will first focus on joint marketing and promotion and other market initiatives, aiming to increase the local sales performance of Seaplane Hong Kong with the help of Towa Tours’ platform. According to the cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, Seaplane Hong Kong will rely on Towa Tours’ extensive and strong MICE network to deeply explore market potential, and launch tailor-made fares and products for Towa Tours’ users to further expand user coverage and Market penetration. As the next step in the strategic cooperation, the two companies will focus on M.I.C.E. and formulate exclusive preferential measures that better meet the needs of the enterprise.

At the same time, Towa Tours will use Seaplane Hong Kong world's first leading drone in Hong Kong and the seaplane route network in the Greater Bay Area to continue to advance its internationalization strategy and create a richer mix to meet the growing MICE market. Travel plan. With the increasing demand of corporate customers for personalized travel experience, this cooperation will help Towa Tours to introduce a series of unique and diversified travel products and airline options for users.

Regarding the signing of this memorandum of understanding, Seaplane Hong Kong Chief Executive STEVEN CHEUNG said: "As a Hong Kong domestic operator, the Hong Kong market is very important to Seaplane Hong Kong. We are extremely pleased to establish a partnership with Towa Tours to help realize our local development strategy. This is an exciting time. We will open a new chapter in the historical development of the global aviation industry. Based on the successes achieved in the past, we will carry forward the future. , To promote a solid development strategy and further improve sales performance. On the occasion of embarking on a new fast track of growth, the cooperation with Towa Tours means that we have found the right strategic partner to jointly achieve our business goals.

Mrs. Gianna Hsu, Director and General Manager of Towa Tours, added that she is very pleased to establish a partnership with Seaplane Hong Kong. "The MICE market has huge potential. Towa Tours continues to improve its services to give users a better travel experience. This cooperation with Seaplane Hong Kong will enable Towa Tours customers to benefit from the vast Greater Bay Area of ​​Seaplane Hong Kong. The network, Seaplane Hong Kong passenger drones and industry-leading services and facilities on seaplanes provide an outstanding flying experience."

As an airline with the world's first drone route and the first seaplane in Hong Kong, Seaplane Hong Kong is committed to providing a "flying superior" flight experience to the growing number of passengers in the world and the Greater Bay Area. Its unique aircraft types and facilities highlight Seaplane Hong Kong’s unremitting pursuit of redefining the travel experience and focusing on innovation.

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