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與芬蘭航空會面 Meeting with Finnair

Met with Finnair Regional head Stan Kwong, extremely pleased to learn about Finnair sustainability strategies such as investing in electric aircraft and their pre covid twice-daily service between Helsinki to Hong Kong on the state of the art A350.

Stan had the opportunity to learn about Seaplane Hong Kong UAM passenger drone services, Seaplane operations, development plans, our decision-making process based on the UN sustainable development goal, R&D and go to market strategy.

We are constantly seeking collaboration and developing a sustainable partnership with various stakeholders & partners. In the meantime, we are in the process of raising capital. More exciting news to come. Watch this space!

與芬蘭航空地區負責人Stan 先生會面,非常高興地了解到Finnair的可持續發展戰略,例如投資購買先進的電能飛機,以及在赫爾辛基和香港之間每天兩次的航班服務。


我們一直在尋求與不同的持份者和合作夥伴建立可持續的伙伴關係。 與此同時,我們現階段正在籌集資金。 稍後時間將會公佈更多令人振奮的消息。 請繼續關注我們!

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