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Medical Evacuation

Save Time, Save Lives

Air ambulance charter, Emergency medical evacuation & Medical flights

Air ambulance flight is the best option for patients who require medical attention. Seaplane Hong Kong offers assistance to critically ill patients in need of medical air transport, with doctors, nurses, therapists, pediatric specialists and paramedics on board.

An air medical evacuation (also known as a medevac or medivac) is a method of private air transportation for patients who are too ill or injured to endure the rigours of commercial flights. Onboard medical teams are able to care for patients with trauma, burns, respiratory problems, multiple organ failure, and other life-threatening conditions. Our global operations work around the clock to assist you 24/7.


An incubator, life support, x-ray viewer, blood storage capability, motorized gurney loading system, and other life saving equipment are available on our state of the art air ambulance. Patients can receive the same medical attention in the air as they would in the hospital in this one-of-a-kind aeroplane.

Contact Seaplane Hong Kong

24 Hours
Global Emergency Response & Assistance Team GERA

+852 3697 1823



Gulfstream G650ER, Global 7500, 737BBJ

13-50 Passengers

Image by Austin Neill

Airbus Helicopter EC135

6-8 Passnegers

Image by Tholaal Mohamed

Twin Otter, Caravan

8-19 Passengers

Image by Viktor Ritsvall

Motor Boat to Superyacht

40 feet to 200 feet


Challenger 604, Learjet 45,

Gulfstream G550

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