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Private Jet

Pet Travel & Pet Immigration

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Private Terminal
Private Custom
Private Jet

Take your pet on a memorable adventure.

Privat Jet Pet travel and pet immigration is no longer a privilege reserved for the wealthy!


Seaplane Hong Kong award winning pet travel by private jet, offers small exclusive groups on specific days, bypassing the limits imposed by commercial airlines, enabling you and your pet to travel together in the same cabin.


From check-in till drop-off, your precious pet is always by your side. Customs is also on present at the boarding gate to handles passenger exit formalities; the process is simple, quick, and pleasant!

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Pet Travel

Share the exclusive private jet experience with your pet, check in 30 minutes prior to departure

The most luxurious private jet in the world, your pet can freely roam around the cabin (except during takeoff and landing).

Michelin star onboard fine dining, whilst taking care of your dog/cats diet and litter at all time


Rules on board

According the safety regulation set fort by the Civil Aviation Administration 


  • The owner must keep the dog/cat on the leash at all times​

  • ​​Each passenger is allowed to bring hand luggage up to 8kg.
  • Pet must be friendly and not show aggression. If the pet weight more than 30kg, additional seats must be reserved

Experienced Dedicated Pet Private Jet Operator

License Travel Agency

Travel with your pet

Pet Travel Formality

With an increasing number of people emigrating overseas in recent years, many  have found it essential to take their pets with them. 

The entire pet migration procedure takes roughly 3-6 months under normal circumstance, depending on the country the pet enters and the health of the pet. 

Introduce the specific process and procedures for pet immigration

  1. Chip implant ISO 15 Standard

  2. Rabies Vaccination

  3. DHPPIL 5 in 1 vaccine for dogs/ FVRCP 3 in 1 vaccine for cats

  4. Internal and External parasite treatment

  5. Provide vaccination record

  6. Pet Health Certificate

  7. AFCD endorsement for health certificate

  8. Import license (only for certain countries)

  9. RNNAT Rabies antibody titer test (only required in certain countries)

  10. Reserve Entry Quarantine (only required in certain countries)

  11. Dog License  (only required in certain countries)

  12. General Declaration (only required in certain countries)

As can be seen, dealing with pet immigration procedures is a time-consuming process that necessitates careful planning ahead of time, as well as knowledge of relevant regions' and countries' import and export policies, together with the most up-to-date pet entry and exit regulations and requirements of airlines and customs.


Entrust your pet's immigration matters to a competent Seaplane Hong Kong agent; we will provide the most time-saving and safest pet transportation service possible, ensuring that you and your pet travels happily, comfortably, safely and in style.

Why Seaplane Hong Kong

Pet First Aid

Our crew are qualified in all aspects of pet first aid to protect your pet while traveling. Crew members also learn how to read varying body language signs to better understand behaviors. Our extensive training program includes education on the latest health and safety standards for pet care and air travel, pet CPR procedures, vital signs such as heart rate and pulse locations, and vital signs such as heart rate and pulse locations.

Fear of flying course for pet

Fear of flying courses are available in conjunction with a trainer in order to prepare for a pleasant in-flight experience. The two to four-week training desensitizes dogs to the sounds of jet engines, cabin air pressure, and air turbulence movements that they could encounter during a flight.

100% Fresh Air

Our state of the art private jet, introducing 100% fresh cabin air with plasma ionization. It emits positive and negative oxygen ions, removing inactivate harmful molecules on surfaces and in the air. Further, it neutralizes particulate matter—not only bacteria and viruses but also unpleasant odors.

Handmade mat

The wellbeing of all guests, including pets, are paramount, and our cabins create a comfortable environment for all.

Pets can also use handcrafted sleep mats to be close to their owners throughout the travel.

Dedicated menus for pet

with top cuts of fresh meat and fish can be requested to keep dogs healthy and hydrated. Natural floral essences may also be added to your pet's drinking water to help them relax.

In-flight Amenity Kit for Pet

Bio-organic, healthy pet food, snacks, and water-free shampoo and wipes are included in the in-flight amenity box. Toys are offered onboard for in-flight amusement.


Ready to fly?

Seaplane Hong Kong has a track record of working with the best veterinary hospitals around the world. We're dedicated to making your pet's journey as comfortable and hassle-free, so you may obtain the best service at an affordable price. Dedicated staff will be assigned to oversee the whole procedure, from the initial consultation to arrival at the destination. 

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